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Carbon Ptfe (085782614337)
Carbon Ptfe (085782614337)
Carbon Ptfe (085782614337)
Carbon Ptfe (085782614337)
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Specification of

Carbon Teflon PTFE


Carbon Teflon Black PTFE Sheet / Rod (carbon teflon ptfe black sheets / bars)

Padding Grade and Teflon PEEK

PEEK grade pads contain carbon fiber, graphite, and PTFE lubricants.

PEEK grade pads offer the lowest coefficient of friction and the best engine of all PEEK grades. PEEK resistant high temperature, wear, load, and aggressive chemicals in dry and lubricated service.

Applications: Pads, rings, and washer seals and slides

Key Features: High strength tensile strength and stiffness Creep noise reduction resistance Seal stability to withstand leakage of dimensional and thermal stability.

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