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Specification of Filter AHU Roll

AHU Filter Roll
AHU Roll filter, an air filter with a cross-linked layer system makes this filter very effective in resisting dust but still allowing air to pass freely so that the air produced is very clean without dusting the room becoming more sterile and cooler.

AHU Roll Filters, almost all high rise buildings use Air Handling Units (AHU), as special cooling machines in AHU rooms, even usually each floor of Ahu's special room is provided, so that the air filter needs for AHU are very numerous and routine replacement .

Filter AHU Roll, an air filter that is well known by this part of the maintenance building which is very cheap and effective at filtering dust, so the product knowledge about air filters for AHU is very easy to understand, so the need for AHU filter products is very favored by AHU production plants and the wearer.

This type of air filter is often also called a washable filter, because this filter material can be washed and reused until it really has begun blocking, so it must be replaced with a new filter.

For the needs of the product, material or air filter material for AHU (Air Handling Unit), please contact us, we will provide quality air filter material at very cheap prices.

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