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Gland Packing Pure Graphite Expanded
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Specification of

Gland Packing Pure Graphite Expanded

Pure Expanded Graphite interlocked braided gland packing combine victim metal corrosion inhibitor to protect the shaft from generating self galvanic corrosion and lubrication accommodate and assist in tightening adjustment. He has the ability excellent chemical resistance and very anti - friction, then fear not scoring from the sleeve / piston etc.

Media Services & Applications: Suitable for pumps and low pressure valves handling acids, alkalis, solvents, Thermic Fluid, Petrochemicals, Boiler Feed Water, Condensate, etc.

Technical Parameters:

pH: 0-14

Service Temperature Range: 200 C - 600 C

Max Pressure: 200kg.

We sell a variety of different kinds of Gland Packing Non Asbestos and Asbestos

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