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Rubber Rubber Floor Or Noodle Footwear (085782614337)
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Rubber Noodles Or Rubber Floor Footwear

Rice / Noodle Carpet, 1.2 m wide, 14-15 mm thick. Suitable for car rugs or installed in front of doors of houses, offices, malls, places of worship.
Carpet sold meter with size per piece size 1 mx 1.2 m.
2 pcs: 2 mx 1.2 m
3 pcs: 3 mx 1.2 m
4 pcs: 4 mx 1.2 m
5 pcs: 5 mx 1.2 m

There are 6 color choices: abu2, green, red, blue, black and brown. Please specify the color to be ordered: abu2, green, red, blue, black or brown.

NOTE: carpet thickness is not guaranteed 15mm, may be thinner due to the buildup of carpets in the warehouse so that the plastic is flat.

Rubber Rolls

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