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Specification of

Multipurpose Roll Rubber

Rubber Rolls

Specifications Rubber multi purpose roll
Multi-use roll mat

Multi-purpose rubber mat for supra brand. rubber mat rolls with size width 1.22 meters x length 20 meters x thick 4 millimeters. another option with a length of 35 meters.

this roll rubber coil has 4 kinds of motif, plain motif, round (button), microrib, hammer. this rubber roll mat is easy in maintenance, resistant to impact, can be cut as per your requirement, durable and have high elasticity.

this roll rubber mat can be used
1. for ramps on sloping roads in malls, supermarkets, hotels and others
2. for the fitness area, this rolling rubber mat can coat the floor of the gym or fitness area
3. for floors of public transport or tailgate
4. for home floor, stairs, kitchen
5. for garage
6. for factory and industrial floor

minimum purchase of 1 roll of rolled rubber mat


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